Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bars

So, there's something you should know about me. Unfortunately, I believe this is an incurable disease. So sad for me, right?

But I had this craving the other day and wanted something gooey, creamy, and chocolatey at the same time. The problem was I didn't have enough cream cheese to make a full blown, from scratch, New York cheesecake which is what I usually make. But I did find this no bake Jello cheesecake mix at the local Wally World one day and wanted to try it out.

The verdict: I would never eat this by itself as a cheesecake. Nope. I'll stick to my original four bars of cream cheese and sour cream, thank you. But as a topping on brownies? Yeah, it was pretty good. Even better once I added some cream cheese mix on top! Read on for the directions my friends :)

The shtuff you need:

Prepare your brownies according to the package or however you make them. And let them cool completely. Sticking them in the fridge helps too if you're me :)

The Jello cheesecake mix is powder and frankly smells like stale, dehydrated cheese.

I know, weird right?

You mix this with 1 1/2 cups cold milk.

Doesn't smell any better while it's mixing either. But after mixing for about three minutes it turns into a thick goop. I actually added a splash of vanilla extract to it for an extra somethin' somethin'.

Spread over the prepared and cooled pan of brownies.

Add some chocolate chips if you like and then into the fridge for at least half an hour.

And ta-da! Quick and easy brownie bottom cheescake bars.

To be honest I wasn't quite impressed with the dessert and was originally giving it a 2, maybe 3 stars. But it tastes much better after being in the fridge for a couple hours or even overnight.The Jello cheesecake mix tastes got it...cheesecake flavored jello. I wasn't really feeling it so I added a dollop of cream cheese mix that I made. 

In the mixer I put half a block of softened cream cheese, a splash of milk, 3 Tbl sugar, 3 1/2 Tbl sour cream and mixed and let sit for about ten minutes in the fridge. It gave the whole thing a more cheesecake flavor. Thank you cream cheese, my love for you is truly eternal...
However, if you totally love that whole Jello thang going on then you might just want to by pass the cream cheese lovin'. 
But that's okay, we can still be friends. ;)

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